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How To Package

1. Tape the bottom of the box on the center seam with 2 strips of a minimum of 2" wide - pressure sensitve tape

2. Turn the box right-side up and insert 2 red bags. Pull the bag gently over the sides.

3. When the bags are full, twist the top of the bags.

4. Double over the top of the bags and tie them in a single knot. DO NOT push the bag into the box with your hands.

5. Use the cover or flaps to carefully close the box. This will push down the waste.

6. Tape and securely seal the top of the box with at least 2 strips of 2" wide - pressure sensitive tape on the center seam. Place label in the designation area on the side of the box.

U. S. Dot & State Regulations:

Please ensure all boxes are packaged as per above diagram & instructions.

All Waste, including liquid containers and sharps containers, must be inside sealed plastic bag that lines the box.

All free liquid must be in sturdy, highly leak resistant containers. The containers must be tightly lidded and highly break resistant. All sharps (syringes, needles, scalpels and glass products) must be in rigid and highly puncture resistant containers. Be careful not to place objects into package that will tear the bag.

Each box shall NOT EXCEED a maximum gross weight of 55 lbs per corrugated box.

DO NOT send the following UNACCEPTABLE MATERIALS to BioWaste, LLC as we are prohibited by regulation and permit; including but not limited to:

RCRA defined Hazardous, Radioactive or Toxic Wastes, Radioactive materials, chemicals, and any substances defined by Federal, State, or Local regulations as Hazardous Wastes which need to be managed by licensed hazardous waste contractors. Package, secure, and label (with generator label provided) all boxes PRIOR to the drivers arrival.

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